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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  February 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. this is wjz. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. to catch a rapist. one man suspected of preying on women. >> reporter: tonight the 13 year streak and why police are. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> reporter: like a lion looking for prey. that is how one woman describes a man who raped her in her own apartment. wjz is live in south baltimore.
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mike explains the first rapes happened here. >> reporter: you can see this is one of the bill boards, it is a rotating billboards. it's about one of 6 ads. police are calling him a bold and fearless predator. these are the faces of the east coast rapist. his rein of fear and violence has lasted more than a decade. it began in maryland. 17 attacks, possibly more. >> he was armed with a handgun and a mask. he led them into a wooded area. >> reporter: police are now putting his image on bill boards. 6 of them in high traffic areas and hope a media blitz will spark attention and solve this case before he strikes again. >> people are taking to bill boards and fully aware of what's going on in the streets. >> everything is on the internet so maybe that's a good
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idea. >> reporter: his dna has never been linked to any database. he is always studying his victims and always on the hunt for the next one. police may use familiar i familyial dna. >> reporter: his reign of terror. >> he remains a mystery, stalks, raping, then vanishing and he may be planning his next attack. and that's why this is so important. time is of the essence. police believe this rapist could be a long haul truck driver or a member of the military. reporting live, meck hellgren. all right, thank you, mike. for in depth information on the
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east coast rapist including the new website log on to and click on this story. a gas leak sends a house up in flames. caught this video of the fire through the roof of a unit on old -- circle. the flames spread to the units on either side of the house. 3 people were home at the time but they got out safely. says the gas line has since been shut off. in baltimore county a water main break. you can see the water bubbling to the surface. late tonight crews were still working to fix the 8-inch water main. say about 8 homes affected. no trace of 17-year-old felicia barnes. her friends and family went to the place she disappeared. police have followed over 100 leads in the teen's disappearance. none have panned out.
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felicia's sisters say they won't give up. >> we're trying to keep our faith in the news and papers and things. so people won't stop looking and passing out fliers. >> reporter: and baltimore city police have an entire squad dedicated to the search for felicia. they plan on conducting new searches next month. we plan on keeping you up to date on developments. the video went viral, then the police officer was fired from baltimore. told a judge decided that officer salvatore rave air a's firing is justified. now he is considering filing an appeal. the trial board found him of using unnecessary force with a 14-year-old skateboarder. he also failed to file the proper paperwork on the
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incident. too much too soon? as people in pain lobby for legislation to legalize medical marijuana. says the current proposal is no good. pat warren explains it will take some major changes to get it passed. >> reporter: in late january mon tell williams opened this debate over the use of marijuana for medical reasons with a passionate. >> marijuana may not work for everyone. >> reporter: today others with less celebrity publicly admit to using this. >> my goal was not to get high but rather and try to simulate my appetite. >> i'm still using it and it's still helping me. >> reporter: long time supporters say the arguments in the bill have not changed. >> if you have a person going through treatment and they are
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seeking some help, you will do anything you can for them. >> reporter: but the state health department is reeling in the emotion to look at the practical. >> the department opposes this legislation as drafted. >> reporter: health officials seem to agree the pleas of the sick deserve some kind of action. >> the patients can get off the battle field and start living a life like everybody else. >> reporter: pat warren, wjz eyewitness news. now the bill could change several times to address opponents' concerns before it is voted on. no one is against us. poor embaltzed leader gadhafi says there is no violence in libya. >> they love me, all. >> reporter: despite his comments comments violence
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surged in tiply. -- tripoli. the white house is sending troops. not one but two tornadoes are confirmed as having touched down in kentucky today. an ef3 tornado packing winds up to 140 miles per hour struck henry county. at least 2 people had to be hospitalized. and that same system spawned what was believed to be a tornado that destroyed a number of homes. an elderly man was sitting inside this home when a tree crushed it. here in maryland we saw a lot of rain. can we expect more in week? bob will have that answer. it's the deadliest medical helicopter crash in history. now the mother is placing the blame on the air traffic
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controllers. tonight explains the lawsuit that was filed today. >> reporter: vic, the family filed that lout today. she says she believes the teen lost his life because several people failed to do their job. >> 3 1/2 years ago her life was cut short. >> she was my friend. >> reporter: here her mother speaks days after the 2008 crash that killed ashley who along with 3 others died after the state police helicopter they were riding in went down. >> i'm in limbo from the time of the accident until 4:30 that morning not knowing if my daughter okay. >> reporter: on monday younger's attorney filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming air traffic controllers gave the pilot bad weather information. the younger family is also planning to file a lawsuit against the state of maryland.
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they say that chopper should never have been launched. >> looking back these two patients could have been transported by ground transport. so there were all kinds of errors that were made. >> reporter: in fact the crash evoked widespread concern that families are not -- younger had been riding in the car when the driver slammed into a tree. >> i just broke down. >> reporter: do you miss her? >> i wish she was here. >> reporter: a spokesperson say they have no comment about this litigation. but we should mention that the state police have revamped their policy about using choppers. eyewitness news. wedge a, thank you. the other three have also filed
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lawsuits. could florida's loss be maryland's gain. maryland's senators asked for the high speed rail money rejected by florida's governor. argued the northeast corridor has the nation's only high speed train but has gotten less than 2% of the fund approved for the program. baltimore, get ready for some wild giddy times. country and comedy are both headed to the inner harbor. power point live announces two venues. one pbr baltimore will feature. pbr stands for professional bull riders. and the second is the comedy, it's all part of an 11 million- dollar make over. >> so you can get your country on and your laugh on at the same place. >> i want one of those bull things that you ride. >> reporter: that i would pay to see. >> will you? >> you're on.
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>> okay, you heard it. what's called -- once called the most hated man in america, bernie madoff speaks out. just minutes away where he says the ponzi scheme was wrong, the shocking interview. why a man from indiana says a pair of high heels caused him permanent injury. the charlie sheen interviews. he lashes out and takes a drug test. we'll show it all to you next on eyewitness news. will march come in like a lamb or lion? i'm bob turk, your complete forecast coming up next. complete coverage continues. continues. , bob turk and sports with mark, fee court is now in session.
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it's 47 degrees, partly cloudy in central maryland right now. an earthquake hits arkansas and this surveillance shows how one clerk reacted. the quake was felt by almost everyone in the state. fortunately only minor damage was reported. this is the strongest quake to hit arkansas since 1969. flees the country after being charged in deadly connection with a fire. left for her native nigeria, 4
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people died in last week's blaze. the marshal service will ask for nigerian authorities to arrest her. the california couple accused of -- kasey did case did you guard have confessed to the crime. they held did you guard for 18 years in their home. fathered two children with her at a time. he was recently declared competent to stand trial. came as negotiating a possible plea bargain. they didn't want her testifying about the. speaking from jail is -- his ponzi scheme which cost investors millions of dollars was not motivated by greed. >> if you think
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well, he's at it again. charlie sheen is blasting his employer and talking to anyone who will listen. tonight a string of bizarre interviews.
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>> reporter: late today we learned sheen's publicist quit. tonight warner brothers
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announced they would pay the crew of 2 1/2 men for the 8 episodes that were cancelled last week. so far cbs has not commented on sheen's interviews. an indiana man has filed a lawsuit against a strip club saying he was hit by a flying still et oh heel. he says the heel came off a dancer and chipped his teeth. >> reporter: it's public relations problems. >> there was some thunder lightning to our south. skies are clearing and it's got a lot clearer. with the winds coming out of the north, northwest 18 down to
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47. barometer way back up. humidity on the way back down. 62%. temperature at 47. dewpoint now at 35. around the state, 29 in oak lands, 36 up in couple beer lands. the warm -- where we had temperatures in the low 70s in some spots. down in richmond it got down to 78 degrees. 43 up in westminister. 68 at the airport officially around 11:00, an hour later at 60, then dropped to 50, now we're down to the mid-40s. the average high, 29. the average low now, 71. pretty close to that today and 5 is the record low, 1934. the winds have shifted and all the rain is gone. dryer, cooler conditions tomorrow. a nice start to march actually, not mad at all. it will come in like a lamb.
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we had some severe weather in the south this afternoon across the carolinas and all that is off to the east now. drier cooler air, clearing skies. snow across the -- portions. just cold enough for a snow. to our west it's cleared out very nicely. tomorrow will be a sunny day. then turn cooler again late in the day. only in the low 40s. small cap advisory tomorrow afternoon and wind may be gusting up to 20 knots. sunshine tomorrow and back up in the mid upper 40s the next 5 days. warmer on wednesday. then chilly again. maybe some showers by late in the day on saturday. denise. thank you, bob. still to come, the orioles with their first exhibition game. their first exhibition game. >> ,,,, [ male announcer ] achievement: embraces mondays.
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you can count it a win. marcus here with our sports report. >> sunshine and baseball, it is a good start. some new players. a new ballpark. the orioles feeling a new optimism this spring. on wjz the birds played the pittsburgh pirates. first at bat as an oriole. watch this line drive off the glove of pedro -- 1-0 orioles. starting pitcher brad burgason. struck out 2. pittsburgh batters, allowed just one hit. he waspleased. inryan will launch as a solo, opened the exhibition with a 6-
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4 victory. the os will play tomorrow. a 6 million-dollar man at the age of 18. he's loaded with what washington believes is potential. looking for the next stars of football in indianapolis. john harbaugh in the middle. the only head coaching combo in nfl history. his 40-yard dash was the fastest for a defensive lineman in a decade. says he's a hybrid terrell -- from the future to one who is now the past. redskins say goodbye to running back clinton portis. too many injuries recently. portis is second only to john
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rig begins in rushing yardage. for the first time in 4 years, will not win the regular season title. they fall short with a loss to north carolina in greensboro. off the seal here will take it the other way. morgan state falls 68-60. so will get the top seed in the tournament. morgan still has to play tomorrow. march madness begins officially tomorrow. you could call it the rolls royce of bicycles. >> reporter: coming up just wh
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